All the hemp / organic cotton Aum Goddess garments are machine washed in spring water and machine dried to allow for shrinkage before shipping out.

If you wish to preserve colour and fabric longer then best to hand wash and line dry. Your personal preference.

The towelling fabric has a tendency to fray a little after wash and wears … this is the nature of the fabric and still will last a long time due to the nature of hemp.

The durability of hemp fibers are the strongest fiber available and will last a long time.

The 100 % hemp fabric will get softer with each wash and wear.

The 100 % organic wool requires hand washing and lay flat to dry. Or take to an environmental dry cleaning service if you have one in your area.

Heavy oil stains and turmeric will not come out.

Immediately upon a stain spot, dab some laundry detergent or sunlight soap on spot and leave for 5 minutes then rub with tooth brush and then rinse under hottest water available.

Aum Goddess only uses eco detergents and suggests the customer does the same.

Thank you