• Venus Apron Top

    Venus Apron Top

    Classic style at the front and a surprise bare back- Venus is never predictable! Any way you look at it, this top is stunning.

    FEATURES: A dramatic v-neckline and interior elastic at the bust-line provide perfect form and fit. Cotton twill ties across the back make it sexy and secure. This is not your grandmother's apron!

    FABRIC: 100 % lightweight, washable Merino wool. Soft and light against your skin. Perfect for any weather.

    SHOWN HERE: lavender colour. Matching Venus Long Skirt and Fingerless Gloves sold separately.

  • Venus Long Skirt

    Venus Long Skirt

    This skirt, appropriately named for the Goddess of LOVE and sexuality, hugs the body while draping elegantly to the ground. It exudes the femininity, sensuality and sophistication of Venus herself.

    FEATURES: The cut and drape of this skirt in lightweight Merino wool, creates consummate elegance and grace. A cloth tie through the waistband ensures an easy fit.

    FABRIC: 100% lightweight and washable Merino wool - cools you in summer and warms you in winter.

    SHOWN HERE: in Lavender colour.
  • Diana Top

    Diana Top

    Diana Top

    Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, inspired this distinctive creation. It is said that men would fight to their death for the honour of serving with her. Could it have been because of her style?

    FEATURES: An interior elastic along the bust-line provides support as well as a form-flattering fit. The V-shaped neckline is counterbalanced by an asymmetric V-hemline falling to one side. Bold and beautiful. Divine design, fit for a Goddess on the hunt!

    FABRIC: Beautifully created from 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton and 3% spandex.

    SHOWN HERE: Diana Top in Crème color, worn with our Long Goddess Skirt. Please note that all of our creme colored apparel is finished with gold serge edging (not shown in these photos)

  • Goddess Skirt Ankle

    Goddess Skirt Ankle

    Goddess Skirt - Ankle

    This beautiful skirt can take you anywhere in true Goddess style. Feel at ease in ceremonial and fashion circles alike. Go ahead - express your Inner Spirit!

    FEATURES: Deep side slits and the right amount of stretch allow for free-flowing movement. A flat waistband ensures a snug fit at the hips and a smooth surface for overlaying tops. Gold serged hemline.

    FABRIC: Beautifully created from 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton and 3% spandex. Burgundy colour shown.

    SHOWN HERE: Our Long Goddess Skirt in creme color, worn with our Diana Top.


  • Goddess Skirt

    Goddess Skirt

    Goddess Skirt – Short.

    Our short version of the Goddess Skirt is the most popular amongst our Fashion Divas. Short, sexy, and oozing with style, this is one piece you’ll want to wear morning, noon and night. Wear it alone, or layer it with any of our pants for a uniquely Aum-inspired look. Aum Diva!

    FEATURES: Deep side slits and Aum’s trademark hemline make it both chic and comfortable. The flat waistband provides a smooth finish and snug fit around the hips.

    FABRIC: 53% hemp / 44 % organic cotton / 3 % spandex.

    SHOWN HERE: Short Goddess skirt in creme color, worn with Diana Top.

  • Titania Dress

    Titania Dress

    Titania Dress, inspired by the Queen of Fairies, our Titania Dress is light, airie and super-feminine with fluid lines. Perfect for midsummer days and dreamy nights.

    FEATURES: A cotton ribbon runs through an interior seam along the bust-line, tying at the front for a perfect fit. Its wide cross-over skirt provides a graceful flow to your every movement, a feature that dancers especially enjoy. Our Short-Shorts are the ideal undergarment for such occasions and our Fingerless Gloves add just the right touch to cast a fairy spell of Aum Love.

    FABRIC: The Titania is beautifully created from 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton and 3% spandex.

    SHOWN HERE: Titania Dress in creme color – please note that all of our crème apparel is finished with gold serge edging (not shown in these photos.) Short-Shorts and Fingerless Gloves, sold separately.

  • Venus Sweater Wrap with Hood

    Venus Sweater Wrap with Hood

    The essence of Goddess Venus can be expressed in so many ways – that’s why we designed this super-versatile sweater. Wrap it high under the bust-line for a sexy, sensual look; tie it around your hips when you’re looking for warmth; let it hang open, loose and free! Cover your head or let the hood drape elegantly across your back. Infinite possibilities!

    FEATURES: Lightweight Merino wool gives this sweater elegance and practicality. Wash and wear it year-round. Its generous hood is uniquely Aum.

    FABRIC: 100% lightweight, washable Merino wool

    SHOWN HERE: Venus Sweater Wrap in lavender color, worn with Merino Long Skirt
  • Shipibo Embroidered Dress

    Shipibo Embroidered Dress

    From the Peruvian Amazon, Aum Goddess brings you this hand-embroidered Shipibo dress - a modern take on traditional tribal wear that is itself a form of healing magic! High-vibration clothing for ceremonial and everyday wear, only from Aum Goddess.

    FEATURES: Decorative patterns at the neck and hemline are authentic representations of Shamans' medicine songs, hand stitched by women of the Shipibo tribe in Peru. Sacred healing energies, good looks and comfort- all in one simple dress. Aum jungle LOVE !

    FABRIC: 100% Pure Organic Cotton.

    SHOWN HERE: Our Shipibo Dress is available in this light teal blue colour. Our model added her belt for this photo.

    PLEASE NOTE: The sizing for this dress runs small- please consider ordering a size larger.